Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Find out Why

Properly supplying cool air is what everyone expects from their air conditioner. There are, however, those times when the air conditioner does fail to meet that expectation. When this occurs, one is literally left feeling frustrated, cheated, and of course, hot under the collar! When the subject of air conditioners is raised, we get a lot of different questions. Among the most common of these is the following.

Just How Is It Supposed To Work?

Running normally, your air conditioner will circulate refrigerant between the condenser (outside of the home) and the evaporator (located near your furnace’s air blower, inside your home).

Through a heat exchange process, the refrigerant is converted by the condenser by means of a heat exchange process. The released heat is then dissipated, which will only leave cool air to be delivered into the home.

If Your House Is Not Being Cooled By Your Air Conditioner, One Of The Following Seven Reasons May Be The Cause

Your house will not be properly cooled if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

1. Incorrect Setting Of Your Thermostat

The good news is that checking and fixing this is truly an easy thing to do.

Depending on just which thermostat that you have, you are not guaranteed cool air by simply setting it to ‘ON.’ Doing this may permit the air to blow in without the actual proper operating of the air conditioner.

The first thing that you must make certain of is that your air conditioner is, in fact, switched on. It is in the shut-off box located near the air conditioners that this will be found.

Cool air should then be being issued by your vents in only a few minutes or so.

If, for any reason, this fails to happen, call us immediately.

2. Your Condenser Is Dirty

Your heat exchange process is performed by your condenser, and to keep it properly functioning, it depends on a fan to deliver outdoor air.

It certainly becomes much harder for your air conditioner to function properly if the condenser is clogged or dirty.

The more good news here is that this is something else you can take care of by yourself should you want to do so.

Be aware that about 18 inches on all sides of clear space are an industry standard.

The next step for you is to get that condenser cleaned. If your condenser does not have a protective cover, this will take you longer to get done.

Wipe away any grime or dirt by using a bucket of water and gentle soap. Make certain that you exercise good caution, in particular around the fins of the condenser, because you will have some new problems if they should break!

Tip: If your condenser has a cover, it will be helped to best deal with harsh winters, and this prevention of damages can save you quite a bit financially. We strongly suggest that you get a cover if you currently don’t have one.

3. A Clog In The Furnace Air Filter

The air is pushed from the AC into your home by the furnace’s air handler. Before this happens, however, it must go through the furnace air filter.

You must be aware that only so much can be held by an air filter.

Clogging is definitely going to occur if you never clean it or change it. The less air will come through, the more that it is clogged.

More good news is that you can by yourself replace your air filter. And should it be a filter which is reusable, all it will take is just a bit of soap and water. Make certain before you replace it that it is completely dried.

To avoid any problems in the future, it is our recommendation that you check the air filter at least every 30 days or so.

4. There Is A Refrigerant Leak That Exists

This issue is a serious one and is best handled by professionals.

The heat from the air is what the refrigerant absorbs, and it then circulates it between the condenser and the evaporator. Your air conditioner will not properly cool your home should there not be enough refrigerant.

A refrigerant leak sign might include:

  • Your home is taking an extra-long time to cool.
  • Your air conditioner is showing an icy buildup.
  • If while the air conditioner is operating, you hear any hissing noises.

Should a refrigerant leak be something you suspect, get in touch with us right away, and make certain to turn your air conditioner off?

5. There Is A Broken Compressor Or Motor

You should realize that air conditioning systems do consist of a lot of moving parts. Occasionally, one or two of these parts are going to fail.

If you are not a heating or cooling expert, this can indeed be difficult to diagnose. The good news is that Knight offers air conditioner repair services of the highest quality if you suspect that your lack of cool air is being caused by a mechanical problem of any sort!

6. There Are Leaks In Your Ductwork

To properly circulate the air through your home, your central air conditioner must rely on your ductwork.

You may not be aware that the ductwork you have could possibly be hindering your AC.

The fact of the matter is that ductwork leaks can allow that desired cool air to get away before it ever reaches its destination.

It is very important that you take the time to consult with a ductwork professional to get started with addressing this important issue.

7. For Your Home, The Air Conditioner Is Not The Right Size

There is no question that this is certainly one of the more expensive issues to be dealt with.

These days air conditioners are far more efficient then they were in the past. The one that you would get today is certainly not the same as the one you would have gotten 10 or 12 years ago. This is why it is vitally important for homeowners to get new information before they make any choices so that they do not wind up with a new air conditioner, which is either too small or too big to get things done right properly!

You should be aware that if the air conditioner is, in fact, too small or too big, one of two things is going to happen.

An air conditioner that is under-sized is going to have to run constantly to reach the desired temperature, hopefully. Unfortunately, this is going to wear out your AC rather quickly!

An air conditioner that is over-sized is going to short-cycle, which means it will turn on and off repeatedly and quickly. This can result in the air, perhaps feeling cool, but this is never going to be a consistent result.

These problems will continue to persist unless you are willing to replace the air conditioner.

We strongly urge you to consult with our professional installation team, if the time has come to install a new air conditioner. They will conduct a very thorough inspection and then make certain that you do, in fact, get yourself the proper size!